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Welcome to the Cadiz Travel Guide

Cadiz is a splendid city that has once served as home to bona fide voyagers like Ferdinand Magellan and Amerigo Vespucci . Cadiz is close to Seville, another beautiful city of Spain, thus it is not a wonder that it is a favorite harbor among elegant cruise ships. In fact, the number of cruise ships that dock in this city reaches up to almost 4 dozens in just a month.

Cadiz Travel Guide

Cadiz Spain

Cadiz, located in southern Spain is believed to be one of Europe’s oldest cities. It is shaped like a tongue protruding from one’s mouth into the Bay of Cadiz bay. It outlines a cape connected to a large mass of land. It’s summer time! Don’t just lick your ice cream in order to get cool. Visit Cadiz now! and get a annual travel insurance

Here are the reasons why you should spend your summer in that historical Spanish peninsula:

  • Save a lot of money in Cadiz . Money one of the most important factor when deciding to go on vacation. But you don’t have to be rich just to relax in a splendid holiday spot and have fun. Try spending a week with your family and be spoiled with grandeur in Cadiz with little money!
  • Cadiz weather is perfect. Like a typical Spanish coast, Cadiz is blessed with the sun’s golden rays so is quite hot during the summer season. However, what are the beaches for? Relax and sizzle out in the sand, feeling the sea breeze, just lying and enjoying the panoramic view right before your eyes!
  • Cadiz beaches are not crowded. Its cool, blue waters are enchanting and unspoiled by the sprouting of countless resorts and hotels. It is still a budding destination spot so you don’t have to be always on the rush or surrounded by hundreds of other tourists.
  • It is perfect for sailing and wind surfing. Aside from having a very windy coast, Cadiz is one of Spain’s few places blessed with magnificent weather and high waves which is just perfect for such challenging sports activities. Don’t miss the fun! Test your adrenaline now!
  • It is the oldest city in Western Europe and the paradise of art enthusiasts. It is good to exercise your legs’ muscles as you stroll around the city while having a free refresher course with its history. You would surely get awed with its ancient palaces, castles, cathedrals, churches, museums, gardens and natural parks. The Grazalema Natural Park is a must-see. Don’t forget to drink in the classic splendor of the Town Hall and the Central market, too.
  • You can enjoy of the famous Cadiz Carnival. An ancient catholic tradition that is held every year before the season of Lent. Is known to be the most enjoyable and amusing carnival in Spain, with its creative figures and burlesque song groups.
  • Its typical white villages are intriguing. These are mountain villages, with Roman or Moorish archaeological remains, that are made up of small white houses located at the northern part of Cadiz. The UNESCO has declared these villages a world heritage.
  • Its sumptuous dishes are of multi-racial origin. The food here is so interesting as you have a taste of Roman, Fenician and Arab dishes rolled into one in a Cadiz specialty. This is because of its rich history preserved at its best.
  • It is home to one of Spain’s official nudist beaches. If you are a photojournalist, you can leave your high-tech camera at the hotel and learn more things about your body as you bask under the sun… nude.
  • It is perfect for camping and other open-door activities. In the mountains of Cadiz, you can try camping with your family and friends and indulge in fun-filled adventure as you try some extreme sports such as bungee jumping and hand gliding. Maximize your time by teaching your children horse riding and cycling. After some adventure, try to relax with a challenging golf game.

Places of interest in Cadiz

Are you ready to visit Cadiz now? We have all the information and resources you need to enjoy a pleasant Cadiz Vacation!

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