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Welcome to the travel guide of Cadiz travel. I believe to the Cadiz is one of the oldest city of Europe which is located in southern Spain. Cadiz was founded since three thousand years ago and it is very beautiful place to travel. I remember during my business trip I went Cadiz and it was very beautiful place. Cadiz is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and it is very close to Seville. In fact around 3 dozen cruise ships go at Cadiz in a month. Cadiz is also famous for its beaches, nature parks and gardens, real estate properties, for carnival festivals etc. so here I am telling you about some good points why you should go Cadiz.

Firstly, trip of Cadiz is not very expensive. If you really want to enjoy some quality time with your family or friends then I will prefer you to go to Cadiz. It is pretty good holiday spot for fun and relaxing with very little money. Another good thing about Cadiz is its weather. You will really enjoy the sea breeze and can relax your body in the sea sand. There are lots of resorts and hotel which give so many amazing facilities. You can have fun with your partner in the cool, blue sea side water. And Cadiz beaches are not so crowded and according to the info Cadiz its average annual temperature recorded maximum 18 degree and minimum 9 degree, which is quite good for the holiday purpose destination. La Playa de la Victoria in Cadiz is the famous for families. If you are sporty then Cadiz beaches are perfect place for surfing and sailing. The city of Spain Cadiz is very famous for its weather and for beaches or I can say it is blessed from nature. There are lots of places to visit Cadiz like museums, churches, carnivals gardens. If you are planning to visit there then you must go Grazalema natural park and along with this town hall. Every year Cadiz city celebrate ancient catholic tradition carnival. This is one of the amazing carnivals in Spain. I am very foodie and when I went to Cadiz I really enjoyed the food there. Cadiz is also famous for its roman and fenician food. Cadiz is the best place for campaign with your family and friends. I had a significant experience for hand gliding, horse riding and bungee jumping. Along with this I will also provide you more information about Cadiz city in my blogs, I hope my site will help you.