Making online transactions is inevitable nowadays, so being cautious is necessary. Providing your details, especially your credit card is a big no. And transferring funds to other resource should be done with care.

I was once scammed, totally a big amount, because of my aggressiveness to play slots. Those were the days of ignorance, but now, I already learned. I am writing this post to warn everyone, especially those who are interested playing pokies, to be keen and uncompromising when doing transactions online.

The web is not a safe place, and not all online casinos are totally safe. Before indulging to funds transfer, please take note of these important reminders.

  1. Play with credible online casinos: Do not easily trust online sources declaring an online casino reliable. If you’re wishing to play slots, identify the host of the virtual casino. For smaller sites, make sure to gather necessary details before playing. Most specially, play only with sites that are already proven. Asks your friends and other casino buddies for advices.
  2. Play with Asserted Online Casinos: All online casinos are strategically positioning themselves to gain more customers and players. They offer huge varieties of bonuses and promotions to entice visitors to start investing and playing on their site. The point is do they do what they declare? Most of the time, these promos and bonuses are part of their marketing, but are not really realized. To learn more about sites who give reliable standpoints, ask Google. Search for reviews and feedbacks from users who evidently experience the online casino service.
  3. Play Online Casinos with Security Measures: Do not only read, but investigate and prove the reliability of the security measures your prospect casino platform offers. A quality online casino has guaranteed digital encryption technology that safeguards your funds and personal details. Moreover, they share the security measures and information with you.
  4. If you think it’s dodgy, you’re right: Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you sense that your prospect online casino is not trustworthy, look for another. A lot of options are available in the web so use the resources to find the best fit website for your requirements.

I hope that the above list helps you to become perceptive and vigilant before engaging to a certain online casino website. So below, I have listed some of the sites you should abandon because they are already blacklisted and proven to be scammers. Some took money from players while others are engaged to unreliable behaviours.

  1. Jackpot City Casino. Offering attractive bonuses, jackpot and promotions, but can face some trouble when you withdraw your funds and winnings
  2. BetMotion. Severe complaints because of the unprofessional customer service ethics. Moreover, funds are difficult to withdraw.
  3. E-Casino365. Delay on funds withdrawal because of system malfunctions and other alibis that are really not being addressed.

Be aware of these top three blacklisted online casinos. B vigilant and save yourself from being scammed and drowned by these websites.