What could be more cozy than a family of bears huddled in a small log cabin to spend the winter?

Cabin Fever is a Microgaming slot machine that offers a fresh take on classic slot games. Also, there are bears. There are a lot of bears. You can reward them with treasures they’ve collected over the years if you make their hibernation more comfortable.

Learn more about Cabin Fever’s game mechanics and features to get the most out of it.

No other reels

Cabin Fever may leave you feeling claustrophobic due to the lack of background and depth.

Only a tiny frame surrounds the matrix, allowing you to see the interior of the log. The reels are covered in frost and snow, while a command bar occupies the remaining space.

Cabin Fever is a game that offers little to consider besides the gameplay. It is up to you whether this is a positive or negative thing. There could have been more of a backstory, but as there isn’t any to be found, let’s move on to the basics.

Prepare yourself for a long, cold winter

Cabin Fever has a simple gameplay; all commands are at the bottom.

The classic 5×3 matrix has 20 paylines. You can choose your wager, the number and type of paylines you want to activate, and how many coins you want to bet for the next spin using the command bar. The cost of larger bets is higher, but the rewards are more significant. Select your settings and press the spin button to start the game.

Also, pay attention to the button for the maximum bet. This seemingly harmless switch is powerful, letting you go all-in on all paylines with one click. This is the boldest decision you can make and could be the most rewarding. Before spinning the reels, think carefully and follow your gut instinct.

Frozen reel symbols

Cabin Fever’s symbols are all covered in frost due to the harsh winter. You must see through the ice to identify the most valuable icons, align them and collect your rewards.

The game begins with classic icons such as cherries, oranges, plums, and lemons. The frozen fruits will appear frequently in the game, but they only offer modest rewards. You’ll need to make many combinations for a decent payout.

The bear family makes up the rest of the pay table. The bear family, from the baby to the older kids, mom, and dad, all award decent to huge wins if you land several long combinations. These bears may not be as common as they seem.

Special Features

The scatter symbol, the squirrel, awards cash prizes in any position. You can win a bonus by landing two or more squirrels on the same reels.

The frozen wild card will help you to complete winning combinations. It can be substituted for any basic symbols listed in Section 1. The value of your completed combination will be instantly doubled.

The sun is another scatter symbol that only appears on reels 1 or 5. If you land two scatters in the same game, you will trigger a bonus feature of 20 free games with a generous multiplier of x2.

You gave me Fever.

Cabin Fever may not seem like much on the surface, but there are several bonus features to spice up your gaming experience for no cost.

You can also play the optional mini-game of gambling after every win in the base game to potentially double your prize. Cabin Fever’s many options can quickly turn it into a fun way to earn extra cash you need to get through the winter.

Candy Dreams Slot

Microgaming has to be one of the best and biggest online casino software providers on the planet. The developer’s back catalog is full of hits, but today they are more willing to create lighthearted games. If you’ve played Fortune Girl, you already know what we are discussing. Microgaming’s latest slot game, Candy Dreams, can be described as brightly colored and bubbly. Candy Dreams, the latest Microgaming slot title, is a sweet treat that choice makes you want to eat it up.

This game is quick and easy to play. Candy Dreams is a pick-up-and-play video slot, but that doesn’t mean gamblers shouldn’t think twice about playing. Can it deliver on its potential? In the following review, we’ll crack Candy Dreams wide open!

Candy, Candy, and More Candy

The game relies heavily on candy-based cliches before we go into the details of the theme. In our reviews, we have reviewed many sweet games. But none has hit the sweet factor as complexly or as heavily as this one. Candy Dreams is a slot that offers a sweet treat on every spin. Candy Dreams is a game that looks and feels innocent but comes with a price. The theme of the game could be more transparent. The game has no storyline, characters, or hook to keep the player interested. Candy Dream is a high-production value game that you will enjoy. Candy Dream is not a suitable game for you if you’re looking for something more profound.

A Sweet Treat

Candy Dreams is a visually pleasing game, but its features are a surprise. This game breaks all the rules, with 720 different ways to win on five reels. Many games have 256 ways of winning, but only some are willing to go to this level. With its high excitement and action, Candy Dreams is more expensive than other Microgaming games. The betting range for this game is between 0.50 and 250 per spin. This figure indicates that the game is suited to high-roller players.

Candy Dreams offers many sweet bonus features like every other Microgaming game. The game has the typical wild and scatter symbol. Wild symbols are prevalent and complete winning combinations. Three scatter symbols will take you to the Pick-me Bonus Game, also connected to the Candy Planet Bonus. This bonus feature is all about earning coins by selecting planets.

Candy Dreams will be the perfect game for those who love free spins. This free spins feature is a real treat. Three or more scattered rainbow swirly lollipops will award you 12 free spins you can use. Candy Dreams is a game that has it all, including free spins, free cash, and more.

Beekeeping: A Guide to a Life Among the Bees

Fans of Candy Dreams will love our recommendations. Pollen Party is the first game since the engine that powers Candy Dreams is also the same. Pollen Party has a more outdoorsy and bee-centric theme. The main difference is the appearance. Fortune Girl by Microgaming is another colorful game. You should check out these two games, which have different themes but are still very powerful.

Candy Dreams: Moving Through the Candy World!

In recent months, Microgaming has released a lot of games. They are all pretty entertaining. Candy Dreams is a slot machine combining online action with an easy-to-pick-up and-play environment. It does this surprisingly well. Candy Dreams is not unique in any way, and neither is its theme or general concept. However, playing a game that is easy to learn is fun.