Here in this blog post I am sharing my Cadiz carnival experience which I attended when I went there for my business trip. As I told you about Cadiz city before, it’s places where you can spend the best time of yours and you can also go for the best casinos here. So, I went there at the February month according to the Georgian calendar, which was carnival’s time. And I must say Los Carnivals is the one of the best carnival which celebrated in Spain. Almost the whole city participates in this carnival. Cadiz carnival is a ten days celebration every year. I also saw the performance of professional singer groups, concerts, dance shows, comedian shows, children show like puppet dancing etc. that was amazing carnival day. On first Saturday, people wear the fancy costumes and enjoy drink and dance all over the night. But in today’s time the Cadiz city’s carnival counted in the mainland most beautiful carnivals.

Comparsas, the choirs and chirigotas these are the most famous professional musical groups which performs their stage performance every year. The whole Cadiz city and tourists also celebrates the carnival with joy and happiness. Romanceros, they perform the solo street acts. Comparsas, this group performs classic music and they are also famous for their serious content like politics, daily circumstances songs. The choirs group use with singing some musical instruments like piano, lutes, guitars etc. Among with these more than 100 musical groups compete for the competition at the carnival festival. Gran Teatro Falla, this is the place where all competition held officially. The Cadiz residents enjoy all the performances. You can find many types of musical formed by different artist which makes the musical night awesome. In the starting of the Cadiz carnival, there was used only tropical theme based dances and music’s. I found there people like most dancing forms like pasodoble, tango, couple dance etc. personally that was amazing and best experience on Cadiz carnival festival which I had experience. Cadiz city trip was one of the best business trips as well. I will defiantly give an advice to take a holiday trip to Cadiz carnival. I hope this post would help you to gain info about Cadiz carnival and that city too.

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