The Magical World of Magic Multiplier pokies

Did you believe in magic? Imagine about a magic show where a magician call you on the stage and as you reached the stage the magician rolls his magic stick and a pulled a 100 dollar note from your pocket. That note doesn’t belong to you. But you are amazed by the trick of the magician. This is the glittering world of magic, which amazes everyone. I am also a big fan of magic and magical shows. I am a fan of many magicians like dynamos, Chris angel and David Copperfield. Continuously I started searching over the net about the new magic tricks.

One day I am searching for the magic over the internet regarding this. A name appeared in my search of Magic Multiplier poker. This is a new word in front of me because I never heard about this kind of game. So, I visited that site for getting more information regarding this play. As I visited this page, there are lots of varieties of games. These are based on the magical themes. The winning prize amount increases in the multiple of times.

These reels consist of different symbols which are used in the magic show by a magician. You have to spin the reels and wait for the winning combination to appear. The rules and regulations of these are also not so hard and confusing. As a beginner, it doesn’t need that you have to pay for coins for playing in this. They provide you free bonus as you log in to his website. I started playing with these free bonuses. The theme of this is designed in the way that when you clicked the spin button the magical hands appears over the screen and give you a feeling that I am watching a magic show and something amazing is about to appear. I enjoyed a lot over this virtual magic show. I am not able to win too much money but also not lost too much. So, I enjoyed a lot and regularly visit there to play these.

Festivals of Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with so much tradition and the rich economy and good casinos too that attracts most of the outsiders. Like most of the places, this country is also rich of immense traditions customs and the festivals. People living here use to enjoy their popular festivals with full enthusiasm and passion which increase the beauty and value of the celebration. Through this post I tried to highlight the fragrance and the aroma of this lovable place so that the people worldwide will also become familiar with this place of so much love, affection and happiness for the festivals or ferias (word by the local people).

All the festivals have some intrinsic meaning, story or a purpose to celebrate. If we talk regarding the varieties of festivals available, the most common and beautiful festival is the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is held each year in the February. The main beauty of this game is the colorful and amazingly designed costumes. The ladies wearing these incredible dresses use to perform the eye catching dance that enchants each of the audience and entertain them the most. To carry such a heavy weight costume that weights about more than 100kgs it takes a long and rigorous practice of many months. Also the music they select is of the taste of the residents and is really energetic. The other festival is the San Fermin which involves Bull Run. It is a quite interesting game which starts at 8 in the morning and continues all over the bull ring. People love to take part in this event and race with the angrybull with all their strength. It is of big risk of the injuries.

The Tomatina is another festival of so much fun where people use to throw tons of ripe tomatoes for one hour. This is like a game but no winner as this is only played for fun to make each other red keeping in mind that tomatoes must be squished before throwing them to anyone.  And the best part is that there is no specific way. You can simply grab and throw it to each other in any way, via running, moving or standing still. You have to only enjoy and treat this as a way of being happy, just to celebrate the day with people around.

Online Casino and Tips

This post is going to provide you some information about the online casino industry. Online casino is the best place for those, who want to play casino games but can’t go to real casinos. I can say that online casino gives you a chance to win lots of money by playing simple games. Most of the people play online casino games because they found it manageable and easy to access. There are two methods for playing online casino games. First is “downloads casino” which requires downloading the software and then allow playing. You can also play these games on your smart phones. The second method is the “no download casino” which can be played directly on the casino website through your laptop and computers. Online casino provides virtual environment, so casino player can enjoy the gambling experience. People also find online gambling much affordable.

As I know, online gambling industry is becoming very famous and competitive. Almost every online casino website is providing welcome bonus and other offers to the new casino players. There are many factors, which makes the online casino industry more popular. One of the facts is that you can play online casino anytime and anywhere. It also provides numerous casino games, so you can choose exactly what you want. You don’t need to pay before playing unlike the land based casinos. I have seen many people, who like to play casino games in a peaceful place and don’t want noise while playing. I can say that playing online casino required to be focused on your games.

Before playing online casino game, try to make a short aim of your winning. You should also get the information of the website on which you are going to play. Read the gambling license of the casino website so you can be sure about it. This information can be found in the about us section of the website. Most of the casino website provides multiple payment options so that casino player can pay money easily. If you are new to the online casino then try to learn basics of the online gambling. Start with small betting amount and when you feel comfortable you can increase it according to your ability. I think playing online casino can make a person very rich, but all you need to have is some gambling skills and luck.

Cities to visit in Spain

Spain is continuously ranking at the top 5 beautiful and most visited countries all over the world. The main attraction reason is its islands and coasts. There are many cities which attract the tourists most. Here you will find the many best art collections, multi cuisines and attractive and amazing night life with pokies etc. via many different trains and flights, travelling become very easy for all peoples. That can be a reason why tourists love this place. I love some places in the Spain I would suggest you to go there.

Barcelona– it is not a capital but it’s a very beautiful place in the spain which I must say you should not miss to go there. Barcelona has turned itself a one of the most beautiful tourist destination. It’s a most important place in the city. Here you will find worlds historic architects and buildings which make it’s a must go destination spot. And along with this you can also enjoy street creative food, night life, beaches etc.

Madrid– If you like to visit museums then Madrid will be the one and only place where you can find the outstanding museums. Like the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Prado. There are also many beautiful parks, best shopping points and a very amazing nightlife. It is situated on a hill near the Madrid. There are many historic monuments.

Valencia– Valencia is known as the 3 largest cities for its street life and the pleasant climate. Here also you can found modern, world-renowned and architecture. Here are many sites other places to visit within walking distance.

Granada– Granada is one of the splendorous cities in the Europe. Or I can say it is the world’s culture center. Here you will find the monuments from all over the different cultures.

Cordoba– This place is very famous for the Moorish and the antique and precious jewels. And the world’s greatest mosques which was built in 1785, and the royal palace fortress. These are also very famous places here.

Salamanca– This city is famous for the Spain’s best and great university here, which is famous for the architecture.

These are the few famous cities where you can go for the holiday with your friends and family. So I hope my these experience will help you, if you are looking for the tour in Spain.

History of Cadiz

Today, I am going to share some information about the history of Cadiz. Cadiz was founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians. It is considered as the oldest city in Europe and also in the western world. It has been a home for numerous civilizations and cultures such as Greek, Roman, Moorish and many more. It was marine port for the Romans for a short amount of time. The Phoenicians was settled in this place, which was called “Gadir”. As I know, in 500 B.C. Carthage conquered the Cadiz city. He used the city as the Hannibal’s base for operations during his quest to conquer. Then Scipio Africanus came and under the roman rule the city became “Gades” from “Gadir”. However, the power of the Roman began to decline, and “gades” was not used as much as before. In the beginning of the 5th Century, Visigoths conquered it and used to call it “Qadis” according to my knowledge, a big part of the city was destroyed during the conquest

During the 5th century, Cadiz’ began to rise again. Catholic Kings give the Cadiz under the Spanish rule. The city was on its peak, when it was used as the port by the Spanish Crown. In the 16th century, Christopher Columbus set Cadiz as the launching point, when he was on his journey to discover America. Felipe II ordered to build walls surrounding the city. After that Sir Francis Drake invaded the Cadiz city. As I know, Cadiz was remained as the capital of Spain from 1810 to 1813. In the early 19th century, Cadiz was used as the fortress for anti-monarchist, liberal movement of the Spain.

I can say that Cadiz is considered as the one of the amazing cities in Spain. It is also popular for its excellent historical structures. As the history shows, this city has enormously progressed and become a beautiful place. The history of the city is filled with stories of brave people. I can say that Cadiz has enjoyed a golden age in the 18th century. From that time it began to grow into one of the wealthiest city in Spain. Now, it is considered as the most beautiful destination for tourists. It is also famous for its fantastic beeches. It has many city attractions, such as Cathedral, Gran Teatro Falla, casinos and Torre Tavira. I hope this post will provide you a few Cadiz histories.

A Big No No for Online Gambling

Making online transactions is inevitable nowadays, so being cautious is necessary. Providing your details, especially your credit card is a big no. And transferring funds to other resource should be done with care.

I was once scammed, totally a big amount, because of my aggressiveness to play slots. Those were the days of ignorance, but now, I already learned. I am writing this post to warn everyone, especially those who are interested playing pokies, to be keen and uncompromising when doing transactions online.

The web is not a safe place, and not all online casinos are totally safe. Before indulging to funds transfer, please take note of these important reminders.

  1. Play with credible online casinos: Do not easily trust online sources declaring an online casino reliable. If you’re wishing to play slots, identify the host of the virtual casino. For smaller sites, make sure to gather necessary details before playing. Most specially, play only with sites that are already proven. Asks your friends and other casino buddies for advices.
  2. Play with Asserted Online Casinos: All online casinos are strategically positioning themselves to gain more customers and players. They offer huge varieties of bonuses and promotions to entice visitors to start investing and playing on their site. The point is do they do what they declare? Most of the time, these promos and bonuses are part of their marketing, but are not really realized. To learn more about sites who give reliable standpoints, ask Google. Search for reviews and feedbacks from users who evidently experience the online casino service.
  3. Play Online Casinos with Security Measures: Do not only read, but investigate and prove the reliability of the security measures your prospect casino platform offers. A quality online casino has guaranteed digital encryption technology that safeguards your funds and personal details. Moreover, they share the security measures and information with you.
  4. If you think it’s dodgy, you’re right: Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you sense that your prospect online casino is not trustworthy, look for another. A lot of options are available in the web so use the resources to find the best fit website for your requirements.

I hope that the above list helps you to become perceptive and vigilant before engaging to a certain online casino website. So below, I have listed some of the sites you should abandon because they are already blacklisted and proven to be scammers. Some took money from players while others are engaged to unreliable behaviours.

  1. Ace Live Casino. Offers alluring bonuses and promotions, but has trouble in withdrawing your funds and winnings.
  2. BetMotion. Severe complaints because of the unprofessional customer service ethics. Moreover, funds are difficult to withdraw.
  3. E-Casino365. Delay on funds withdrawal because of system malfunctions and other alibis that are really not being addressed.

Be aware of these top three blacklisted online casinos. B vigilant and save yourself from being scammed and drowned by these websites.

A Tour in Cadiz

This Post will give you the information about some interesting places gambling places in Cadiz and the activities which should be done during an interesting tour in Cadiz. If you are planning to visit Cadiz then I would suggest you to have fun by visiting these interesting places. Cadiz is the oldest city in southern Spain and your whole trip can make your experience more interesting and enjoyable. You will also like the Cadiz weather which also makes your trip great. In your trip you can enjoy the incredible places like resorts and beaches, historical museum and the various types of restaurant where you can have food according to your taste.

The transportation of Cadiz is not so difficult you can easily get train or bus. The first place I would suggest you to visit during your trip is “Puerto de Santa Maria.” It will give you restless adventure. You can do many enjoyable things in Puerto de Santa Maria. I think you should not miss to try the delicious seafood which is very famous at the restaurants. There are many beautiful Sights of Cadiz which will mostly like by the tourist. New Cathedral is also the famous place in Cadiz. It was started in 1722 with Baroque style and was finished neoclassic style. The church’s dome looks beautiful and covered with glazed tiles. The church has several windows and most of the things in it are made of the lime stone. The church visit will also give you an amazing feel during your day tour. After visiting the New Cathedral you can go to the Victoria Beach in Cadiz. This beach is considered as most attractive beach in Spain. I think the beach is extremely wide and its white sand makes it more beautiful and attractive for tourist. Oratory of La Santa Cueva can also be an interesting place for your trip. It is also known as the “Holy Cave.” You have to pay a small nominal fee to visit it. Here you will find a volunteer guide who gives the information about it. After visiting the holy cave you can see the “Cadiz Museum” which will give you the historical information of the city. You will surely like the beautiful treasures of the museum. The museum also gives some information about the Roman emperors. Zurbaran paintings are also liked by the tourist. These places will probably make your trip amazing and enjoyable.

Beaches of Cadiz

Cadiz City is situated in southwestern Spain and lies on a peninsula which is a particle of Spanish coastline. The Spanish coastline is also known as “Costa de la Luz.” If you are wandering to visit Cadiz then you will probably like the beautiful beaches there. The most famous beach of Cadiz is “la Caleta Beach.” It is also mentioned in the Carnival song every time and also called the beach of the Old City. The la Caleta Beach is “400 meters” long and “30 meters” wide at tide. There is also a coastline which is the neighbor of Cadiz City called “Tarifa.”

La Playa de la Victoria is the most visited beach by the tourist and the Cadiz citizens of the city. The length of the beach is almost 3 km long with 50 meters width of sand. This beach is situated in the newer part of the Cadiz City. The swells are average so you can enjoy the time without any problems and there are no rocks on the beach so anyone can have fun of bathing with friend and family. An avenue makes the beach separate from the city. You can also spend your time at Tarifa which is located at the southern end of Costa de la Luz.

You can also have fun of windsurfing and kite surfing. If you are preparing to go there in summer then you can also visit the “Barbate.” It is the most visited spot by the local tourist in the summer months. Another famous beach of Cadiz City is “La Playa de la Victoria.” This beach is also considered as the best place to have fun with family.

You can enjoy its steady waves and smooth sands. There are also several options such as jet skiing in Victoria. People mostly like to come with their family and friend at the beach and have fun under the sun and sometimes go to casinos for betting. People take rented beach umbrellas and chairs to be comfortable on the beach. These things can easily found on the interesting shops across the avenue. If you feel hungry then you enjoy the different types of food at the restaurants situated on the beach side that also offers sea the previous years, there were many damages on the beach due to the water erosion but the city officials has managed it very well and regenerate the sand and solved the temporary problems of the beaches.

Cadiz Carnival festival

Here in this blog post I am sharing my Cadiz carnival experience which I attended when I went there for my business trip. As I told you about Cadiz city before, it’s places where you can spend the best time of yours and you can also go for the best casinos here. So, I went there at the February month according to the Georgian calendar, which was carnival’s time. And I must say Los Carnivals is the one of the best carnival which celebrated in Spain. Almost the whole city participates in this carnival. Cadiz carnival is a ten days celebration every year. I also saw the performance of professional singer groups, concerts, dance shows, comedian shows, children show like puppet dancing etc. that was amazing carnival day. On first Saturday, people wear the fancy costumes and enjoy drink and dance all over the night. But in today’s time the Cadiz city’s carnival counted in the mainland most beautiful carnivals.

Comparsas, the choirs and chirigotas these are the most famous professional musical groups which performs their stage performance every year. The whole Cadiz city and tourists also celebrates the carnival with joy and happiness. Romanceros, they perform the solo street acts. Comparsas, this group performs classic music and they are also famous for their serious content like politics, daily circumstances songs. The choirs group use with singing some musical instruments like piano, lutes, guitars etc. Among with these more than 100 musical groups compete for the competition at the carnival festival. Gran Teatro Falla, this is the place where all competition held officially. The Cadiz residents enjoy all the performances. You can find many types of musical formed by different artist which makes the musical night awesome. In the starting of the Cadiz carnival, there was used only tropical theme based dances and music’s. I found there people like most dancing forms like pasodoble, tango, couple dance etc. personally that was amazing and best experience on Cadiz carnival festival which I had experience. Cadiz city trip was one of the best business trips as well. I will defiantly give an advice to take a holiday trip to Cadiz carnival. I hope this post would help you to gain info about Cadiz carnival and that city too.

City Attractions

Cadiz is very famous for its Carnival, bars, pokies games and beaches. There are many city attractions that make the Cadiz more desirable for tourist and visitors. Apart from the city beaches there are many nature parks and gardens where tourist and other people can spend their time. Here I am sharing some information of the famous nature parks and other attractions of Cadiz city.

Sierra De Grazalema Natural Park

This was the first natural park which was announced in Andalusia. It covers almost 51,695 hectares. There are several beautiful landscapes made of limestone, springs and rivers and many attractive caves. You can also see the vulture colonies but they are kept in other section of the park so it could be easy to manage the conservation. There are many other impressive places in the park where you can have fun with your friends and family. Cadiz also has several attractive places which are mostly liked by tourists and visitors.


Cathedral is the major landmark of the city. It is Catholic Church which was constructed in 1838. The church took almost 116 years to complete. Baroque style is used in the interiors and Rococo is used for ornamentation. There is also a museum in Cathedral which has different kinds of treasures made of both gold and silver. I can say that Cathedral is one of the most impressive places. It also provides you some information about the history of the Cadiz city.

Gran Teatro Falla

This is the most popular theater in Cadiz and situated in Plaza Fragela. The construction of the theater was started in 1884. The construction idea was taken from the previous Gran Teatro’s foundation. The building is mostly made of wooden. In 1926 the theater was renamed as Manuel de Falla. This place is mostly liked by tourist because of its beautiful design.

Cadiz has many other very attractive places which are very unique and popular among the tourists and visitors. Torre Tavira, Las Puertas de Tierra and Town Hall are most visited places. Cadiz also has many bars, pubs and night clubs for those people who like to have fun in night with their friends. Tourist mostly likes to spend their time in natural parks and gardens. There are many natural parks and gardens in the city, Parque Natural del Estrecho, Parque Natural Bahia de Cadiz and Parque Natural de Doñana are the most famous natural parks in the Cadiz city.