Cadiz is very famous for its Carnival, bars, pokies games and beaches. There are many city attractions that make the Cadiz more desirable for tourist and visitors. Apart from the city beaches there are many nature parks and gardens where tourist and other people can spend their time. Here I am sharing some information of the famous nature parks and other attractions of Cadiz city.

Sierra De Grazalema Natural Park

This was the first natural park which was announced in Andalusia. It covers almost 51,695 hectares. There are several beautiful landscapes made of limestone, springs and rivers and many attractive caves. You can also see the vulture colonies but they are kept in other section of the park so it could be easy to manage the conservation. There are many other impressive places in the park where you can have fun with your friends and family. Cadiz also has several attractive places which are mostly liked by tourists and visitors.


Cathedral is the major landmark of the city. It is Catholic Church which was constructed in 1838. The church took almost 116 years to complete. Baroque style is used in the interiors and Rococo is used for ornamentation. There is also a museum in Cathedral which has different kinds of treasures made of both gold and silver. I can say that Cathedral is one of the most impressive places. It also provides you some information about the history of the Cadiz city.

Gran Teatro Falla

This is the most popular theater in Cadiz and situated in Plaza Fragela. The construction of the theater was started in 1884. The construction idea was taken from the previous Gran Teatro’s foundation. The building is mostly made of wooden. In 1926 the theater was renamed as Manuel de Falla. This place is mostly liked by tourist because of its beautiful design.

Cadiz has many other very attractive places which are very unique and popular among the tourists and visitors. Torre Tavira, Las Puertas de Tierra and Town Hall are most visited places. Cadiz also has many bars, pubs and night clubs for those people who like to have fun in night with their friends. Tourist mostly likes to spend their time in natural parks and gardens. There are many natural parks and gardens in the city, Parque Natural del Estrecho, Parque Natural Bahia de Cadiz and Parque Natural de Doñana are the most famous natural parks in the Cadiz city.