The pokie machines are very accessible, especially for those players that guide them to visit land or real casinos, but it is necessary that you have the necessary information on how to pay these machines for their bonuses or prizes and get used to how they usually pay them. Knowing how to claim the bonuses and extras is important to give value to the game of pokies if the player decides to do it in a real casino. It will be a big difference if you have always played it online through your mobile device. They offer these real casinos to pokies players.

Free meals and drinks: having a fun time playing on a pokies machine is already satisfactory for most, but if they offer free food and drinks, the players are more than happy and happy to be there, that’s a lot of the attractions that it has some casinos as long as players play on their machines. The same should always be paid in advance to receive care is first.

So that the waiter or the one who serves the food is attentive while the players are playing, it is better that they are very kind and give a well-deserved tip to that server, in this way he will be attentive to the next time the generous player ask for a service. This is advice given to players so that they understand the rules of the waiters in the casinos and have a special mu service.

Clubs Comp: These are clubs that have some real pokie casinos, these will give players a card for players who visit these clubs at some time. This card will give an advantage to the player to accumulate bonus points in each bet, with only placing it in the pokie machine where the player is. Accumulate real money in any of the machines that bet, which will then be accumulated by points.

These points can be exchanged for small extras, which vary among them, you can even exchange them for cash and even accommodation in the same place where you are playing, and these will vary. The good thing for players is that usually very close you may find another casino that offers very tenders to earn extra money, this is usually due to the competition between the casinos to attract more players.

Pokie tournaments: There are many real casinos that offer pokie tournaments, all players who love this game will have the opportunity to participate in one of these tournaments that usually they plan at a certain time of the day, be an afternoon or maybe the night. This tournament is a competition which is allowed to enter the tournament for free to players interested in participating. It has as compensation a great variety of prizes including different cash when participating in them.

In these tournaments that are made in real casinos or land-based to players who enter will be given a fixed amount of credit for a specific time and in a pokie machine. During the duration of the game, you can play only with the amount of credit assigned to you. All the profit you get during the game time will become a score, but only those who get the highest scores will get cash prizes, this experience is one of the most fun experiences for pokie players.

Undoubtedly the pokie machines in real casinos offer a lot of fun to the players with very tempting prizes that can be taken advantage of by them if they are in the ideal casino. There are many benefits with the extra bonuses granted in the pokie machine. He has a very particular way of paying rewards to his players. These machines on land have many advantages over online pokies games.

The fun can be very rewarding you just have to know how to take advantage of them, from free food and drinks, Comp clubs where you can accumulate points and exchange them for cash and much more options, even tournaments where you can win cash, plus the experience will be very fun. There is a lot of fun in a real casino and the player will be surprised by the way these casinos reward loyal players from their land-based casinos.