The house always makes a profit

A player when he bets and collects a profit never recovers the total money; the casino returns a percentage and retains another amount, which is considered as the advantage of the house or the House Edge.

This figure can represent a fairly significant amount of money, depending on the number of bets, the value of them and the frequency with which they make a profit. There are many people who are dedicated to analyzing these values, to determine if it is profitable to play or not.

Now, this aspect of the game has no relation to the concept of volatility. The volatility condition is established when studying the number of times in which a player obtains a victory.

So, the volatility is based on the repetition of the gains and the House Edge is the percentage that the game center obtains for each one of the bets, with the consequences that it brings both for the player and for the casino.

Analyzing volatility

One of the most important factors that have a close relationship with volatility is the selection of the dimensions of the bet. This defines the modifications that may occur in the account through the passage of time.

The other element that influences volatility is the ability to change results, in a natural way, which is recorded as the game develops, this being the part that establishes the destiny of the bet.

Taking into account this foundation, it can be said that, at this stage, it is the game that determines the course that the bet will take, having as probable results the multiplication of the amounts, the return to the player or the total loss of the money.

With these two aspects are exposed both sides of the control of the bets, which is exercised by the player; Volatility and the possibility of winning or losing, which depends, completely, on the dynamics of the game.

The games are classified according to the volatility they present. Those that have a higher volatility are those that offer a high chance of winning or losing. An example of this is represented by bets in which a roulette number is selected.

On the other hand, when there are many chances of winning, the game is considered to be less volatile. When you flip a coin, there are two options, and both gains and losses tend not to be very high; that is, the risk and benefit are equal in each release.

The most volatile games

The wide variety of games available in casinos presents a degree of volatility, which in many cases are higher than others. The category of table games has a higher volatility index, which means that the money in the account runs out and is out of the game. Among the most common are:

  1. Caribbean Stud Poker

This game is a demonstration of the volatile game from beginning to end. It presents a series of variations that qualify it, without a doubt, as one of the most volatile. This condition is established by the fact that players can bet and win five times at the same time.

Another modality of Caribbean Stud Poker is in which a bet is made in a lateral and progressive way, which can get to be $1, which makes it a game with high volatility. This detail gives the feeling of being the most expensive game for the game center.

In the final section of the paid listings, you can see how the house increases its advantage. Although on several occasions, the games are lost, the profits are usually large. This balances the balance and places it among the most volatile.

  1. Baccarat

In Baccarat the technique known as heads-up is used and is very similar to the bet that is made by throwing coins in the game centers. Here the one of the bank and the player win in equal parts, in a percentage of 0.95: 1 to the banker and 1: 1 to the participant, so their volatility is low.

  1. Blackjack

If you take into account the strategy used in this game, really, should not be in this selection, because Blackjack has the lowest representation in casinos, reaching to reach 0.5% to achieve a game technique without errors.

This feature of offering a minimum advantage to the casino does not necessarily qualify it as the game that is not volatile. On the contrary, the tactics that are used for the perfect development of the game give it the qualification of volatility.

The dealer has the advantage of winning more times in a row, but if he doubles and divides, in an appropriate way; he can decrease it by winning extraordinary payments. Another important factor is that you play at a table with all the qualities that are required.

There is a risk situation that can occur when doubling by adding more chips, exposing themselves to suffer greater losses by dividing them, with the hope of receiving high profits. This defines it as volatile, hoping that the profits are huge, to reward the losses.

How to develop games with high volatility?

To start a game with these characteristics, the first thing to do is to examine it. There is a way to discover it, getting the game that offers huge rewards and additional payments.

One particularity that volatile games have is that they present a wide difference between the amount that grants the maximum prize and the amount that it offers in the minimum prize. If you have this feature, then the game is volatile.

Second, learn about the purpose of these games and take care of your money. It does not make sense to waste money when you must know how to invest it to obtain the coveted boat. Games, such as roulette and slots, accept several bets at once, so you must be careful, to adjust without losing money and stay on the play until the end.

Finally, you should always be aware that, in general, volatility can act contrary to what you think. The norm establishes that a game is distinguished by being volatile when it pays large amounts of money in prizes in a fortuitous way.

While other games cancel minimum prizes, steadily, but the player has considerable losses from time to time. This is often seen in the bets they make with dice, where a large amount of money is put at risk, in order to seek minimum profits. This is not recommended.

The most viable alternative to know if a game is volatile or not is analyzing the difference that exists, on average, between what the player gets at the end of the game and what the advantage for the house represents, when a small difference is achieved, it means that the volatility is low, but if the opposite happens, that is, or it falls into bankruptcy and then great rewards are obtained, this game is highly volatile. The best solution is to have a good strategy to bet when necessary.